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Announcement - We have hired a System Director

It is my pleasure, in the name of the JACS Board of Education, to announce that we have hired a System Director. Over twenty applications were received, five of which were vetted and from those, three individuals were personally interviewed by our selection committee. The makeup of this group was published earlier, but included an administrator, teachers, board members and pastors. -Read More...

School Board Members

We would like to thank the following members of our 2015-2016 school board for their time and dedication.

Board Members for the 2016/2017 school year are:

Georgiana McGriff- System Director
Michael Teeter – President/St. Mary's Parish Representative
– Vice President/St. Mary’s Parish Representative
Pat Lonardo – Secretary/Sacred Heart Parish Representative
Patricia Moore – Treasurer/Buildings and Grounds/St. Peter’s Parish Representative
Sr. Joan Margret Schwager – Sisters of Mercy
Joe Patzner – Sacred Heart Representative
Tara Horinek - St. Mary's Representative
Tony Greenwood- Representative, St. Peter's Church
Gene Koester, Principal, McAuley High School
Ann Hamlet, Principal, St. Mary’s Grade School
Fr. J. Friedel, Pastor, St. Peter’s Church
Fr. Rahab Isidor, Pastor, Sacred Heart Church
Fr. Justin Monaghan, Pastor, St. Mary’s Church