Annie Auditions!

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The McAuley Theater Department will product Annie. Auditions will be held at the McAuley Multi-Purpose Room, Monday, January 23rd.

Event Details

McAuley Catholic High School Theatre Department will hold auditions for the musical, “Annie”, January 23rd, 2017 at the McAuley multi-purpose room.

This production will be opened to ages K-12. The following is the audition schedule:

Grades 6- 8, 3:30-5pm;

Grades K-5, 5:30-7pm;

Grades 9-12, 7-9pm.

They will need to bring a 2 minute song, a cappella. If they are trying out for Annie they will need to sing the song, “Tomorrow”. If this audition date does not work for them, they can email me a two minute audition at: For questions they can call me at 417-438-0695. Below is a tentative rehearsal schedule:
25, 7-9pm; 28, 2-4pm;
1, 7-9pm; 4, 2-4pm; 9, 7-9pm; 11, 2-4pm; 20, 11am-1pm; 25, 2-4pm;
7, 7-9pm; 11, 10am-2pm; 15, 7-9pm; 22, 7-9pm; 26, 2:30-4:30pm;
1, 10am-1pm; 3, 6:30pm-9pm; 8, 10am-1pm; 10, 7-9pm; 15, 4-6pm; 17, 6:30-9pm; 19, 7-9pm; 22, 6-9pm; 26, 7-9pm
1, 7-9pm; 2, 7-9pm; 3, 7-9pm; Production…7, 2:00pm; 8 and 9, 7pm.

Total, 25 rehearsals. Unless you have a main role, you will not have to be at each rehearsal. Saturday and Sunday rehearsals may run a little longer when it gets closer to the production.

Annie Auditions

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