In 2018, JACS partnered with Mercy Hospital Joplin to establish a biomedical science program through Project Lead the Way.

There are four course offerings through the Project Lead the Way program. The JACS – Mercy partnership launched in 2018 with the Principles of Biomedical Science course.

The science program is hands on and unlike the typical classroom settings. The activities and projects introduce students to human physiology, basic biology, medicine, and research processes while allowing students to design their own experiments to solve problems.

Principles of Biomedical Science

On the first day, students walk into class and see a crime scene set up. The “victim” is Anna Garcia. Students take visual observations of the crime scene and spend the school year determining how she died. Students are given medical history documents and autopsy reports. Some of the data (as to how Anna Garcia died) isn’t provided and students must complete activities and lab exercises to collect the missing data. Throughout the year, students are introduced to many new careers, terms, and diseases while taking the Principles of Biomedical Science (PBS) course. The PBS is a student centered class, with students taking the lead in class and the teacher is the facilitator.

Future course offerings
Human Body Systems

Students look at the interaction of the systems in the human body to solve medical cases. Some of the projects include identifying a skeleton through forensic anthropology and even DNA analysis.

Medical Interventions

Students receive a fictitious family and work to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases that the family suffers from. They also design a prosthetic arm.

Biomedical Innovation

The culmination of the course during which students build on the knowledge and skills to create solutions for today’s most current health challenges.