Emily Lone

5th Grade Teacher

5th Grade Teacher Emily Lone

St. Mary

5th grade teacher

BS in Education

Missouri Southern State University

I've been teaching at St. Mary's for 14 years.

The reason I decided to become an educator was because I had many influential teachers in my life and education was a career many of my family members chose.  As I finished my senior year at McAuley and I helped my mother in her first grade classroom I began to see the joy of teaching.  I saw how the students were eager to learn and the excitement of when they grasped a concept.  I enjoyed being around the students and helping them.  I feel that same way even today, I am proud to be part of Joplin Area Catholic Schools.

I wanted to teach at St. Mary's because I wanted to be able to share my Catholic faith with our youth.  I love how we are able to celebrate mass and pray together.

I enjoy spending time with my family, especially when we are able to visit a National Park, so I can learn more about topics I teach in my classroom.