Lorrie Hibbs-Estrada

1st Grade Teacher

1st Grade Teacher Lorrie Hibbs-Estrada

1st Grade Teacher

St. Mary’s

Education: University of Nebraska at Kearney (formerly Kearney State College)

BA in Elementary Education – with minors in Early Childhood Education /Early Childhood        Special Education

Missouri Certification:  K-8 / Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education

I taught preschool in Denver for 4 years before moving to Joplin in 1988.  I have taught at St. Mary’s as preschool /prekindergarten teacher, and 1st grade teacher for 23 years.  I also taught kindergarten and first grade for 6 years  in Joplin Schools.

St. Mary’s School is my special place-a place I that call ‘home’.  I believe that the opportunity we have to recognize daily that God is in our lives creates spiritual, compassionate, and caring students that recognize that they are full of promise and possibilities.

I believe all students are learners, and each can succeed.  I recognize that all students are a special gift of God and that they have individual talents, abilities, and experiences.  I work to create a classroom where all students know they are loved and accepted.  I strive to create opportunities for engagement, collaboration, and allow for the needs of diverse learners.

I welcome visits with parents at any time.  I believe that it is important for parents and teachers to work together to ensure that each student reaches his/her full potential.  This team effort is necessary for each child to be the best they can be!