Learn how to save $$$ on next year’s educational fees.

Do you buy gift cards? Do you shop at Wal-Mart or Sam’s? Are you working on a building project? Are you planning a vacation?And do you use cash or check for these purchases?

Do you want the convenience of reloading your Scrip purchased cards or do you want the instant gratification of an ecertificate (participating retailers only)?

Then we have a win-win situation for you. You can buy gift cards for these retailers and many others through the Scrip program. Scrip offers gift cards for hundreds of retailers and restaurants. By purchasing the cards through the JACS Scrip Program versus buying them at the retailers, JACS earns anywhere from 2% to 15% or more from your sale. Since we started using the program in August of 2006 we have profited over $50,000. There is potential to have bigger benefits through offering a rebate program to our families.

Here’s how the Rebate program works:

  • Purchase $1200 in Scrip through through orders, reloading cards purchased through Scrip or ecertificates (SHOPNow!).
    • After this threshold is met, you will receive a rebate of 50% of the profits from your future purchases made through May 31, 2015.
    • The other 50% will go to the JACS organizational budget.
      Purchases made from the inventory boxes from schools or churches are not rebate eligible.
  • The rebate program will be evaluated yearly and adjustments made as necessary.
  • Pay for your orders with Presto Pay (see #3 below) or with cash or check at the McAuley school office or after Mass at St. Peter or Sacred Heart Parishes. St. Mary’s Parish currently does not have a Scrip box as a volunteer is currently being sought to manage this box. If anyone is interested, please notify the JACS Development Office at 417-624-5003.

JACS SCRIP Information

There are 4 ways to participate in this fundraiser for our school system:

Direct Purchase from the available inventory at the McAuley school office or after the Masses at St. Peter’s or Sacred Heart parishes using an order form or place an order online with (see instructions below)

Below are the Guidelines for each type of purchase. Instructions coordinate with the number above designating the type of purchase.

Program Rules and Guidelines: Please keep these for your reference.

1. Direct Purchase – Stop by the McAuley school office during school hours or stop at the designated Scrip Area of either St. Peter’s or Sacred Heart parishes after Mass to purchase Scrip Cards from their existing inventory of gift cards. In order to receive credit in the incentive program, you must use for proper tracking. Payment can be made with cash or check or with Presto Pay for online orders (see #3 below). Not all merchant cards are kept in inventory. If needing a different merchant, please see #2 or #3 below for your purchase.

2. Orders – Fill out a Scrip Order Form and return to the McAuley school office by 11AM on Mondays. Scrip order forms are available in the Scrip boxes however the current participating retailers can be found online at . Orders will be distributed and available for pick-up on Fridays after 2 PM. Generally, parents at St. Mary’s School will receive their order in their Communicator on Friday. If you order through McAuley’s office, then be sure to put your student’s name on it so we can get the card to you through them. Otherwise, ordered cards will be put in the McAuley Scrip box and can be picked up during school hours or after Masses at either St. Peter’s or Sacred Heart Churches.

3. Online Ordering – Place your order online with

You must have internet access and an e-mail address to be able to use it. This will allow you to register your family as part of the Joplin Area Catholic Schools fundraising efforts and place your orders online at your convenience. The code for the JACS system is: 12C43A4B7444. You will need this code when you register.

Payment for orders online can be made by dropping off your check or cash at any school office by 11a.m. Monday, or you have the option of using PRESTO PAY to pay for Scrip as well. Presto Pay uses the safe, reliable NACHA electronic fund transfer system. You simply verify your checking account information one time in a secure site. Your account number will be verified and then you can log on and have your Scrip payment electronically deducted from your checking account. There is a $.15 fee per order for this service but it does eliminate the need for you to drop a check off with the school office. It is also a great option for those who wish to participate from long distance with Shop Now! To use Presto Pay, you must have an account with PrestoPay. To establish your account, just click on the PrestoPay menu item on the sidebar of Scrip website, and follow the instructions.

You can Reload a card purchased through Scrip or buy and print an ecertificate (SHOPNow!) using Presto Pay.

After payment has been made, either through Presto Pay or with cash or check through a school office, your order will be placed by the Scrip program coordinator and will be delivered on Friday.

4. Purchase Scrip via MyScripWallet the Scrip mobile app. Log in to via your mobile device and download the app. Payment through this app can only be done by Presto Pay. To use Presto Pay follow the instructions above.

5. Recruit “team members” for your family. Establish a group of friends or family who purchase gift cards through you. When completing forms, be sure the FAMILY NAME section states your name. There is another area for the person ordering the cards to complete their information.

When using this recruitment option for online orders, you should contact the Scrip Coordinator to register your team member with your Family Name.